30 August 2020

Top Tweeters

Today being the fifth Sunday of the month, I have an extra day for another post in the endlessly interesting series about The Sociology of Chess (November 2016). This video is from Youtube's Best Of Chess Channel.

The Top Chess Twitter Accounts (2:41) • '[Published on] Jul 16, 2020'

The description of the video is a list:-

The current top 15 Twitter accounts:
#1: advorkovich
#2: Kasparov63
#3: vishy64theking
#4: @Magnus Carlsen
#5: @ChessQueen

@ChessQueen is the one and only Alexandra Kosteniuk, who led the pack for a long time but has fallen behind during the past few years. For the other ten names, see the original Youtube page (right click the video for the address). This is the third time I've featured a video using this time travel bar chart technique. The first two were:-

I called it the 'time travel bar chart technique'. I wonder what the real name is. A discussion in the comments went like this:-

Q: 'what is the cause for Dvorkovich losing so many followers over the last couple years?' • A: 'I think that is Twitter cracking down and closing bots, and his account has more bot followers than other accounts.'

Why would Dvorkovich need bot followers? Since he is FIDE President, I would imagine that anyone interested in world chess would be dissecting his every word.

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