28 August 2020

Update on Online Chess Events

At the beginning of the summer, in No Online Chess Yahoos (June 2020), I developed a chart showing online chess events across various online play sites, based on TWIC reports ('The Week in Chess' by Mark Crowther). For easy reference, here is the same chart.

T1331 : 'The Week in Chess 1331, 11th May 2020'

As we reach the end of the summer, I developed a similar chart showing the online events over the last eight weeks.

T1339 : 'The Week in Chess 1339, 6th July 2020'

Activity for the three main sites has declined, reflecting perhaps the gradual lifting of coronavirus lockdowns or perhaps the frustration of interminable cheating scandals. Tournament activity generally increases during the summer months.

Note two changes to the names on the chart: the ICC appears for the first time and Europe-Chess has been corrected to Europe-Echecs; it is a French site, after all. Sacré bleu!

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