07 March 2022


This video, titled '54 Years of Progress in Computer Chess', is signed at the end by two organizations:-

  • International Computer Games Association (icga.org), and
  • AI4Society (ai4society.ca); 'One of the five Signature Areas of Research and Teaching of the University of Alberta, focused on Artificial Intelligence, its applications, and its transformative role for our society.'

Although all notes give credit to both Mark Lefler and Larry Kaufman, GM Kaufman does all of the talking, which is based on a presentation that I haven't been able to locate. I'll try to follow that up as soon as I can.

Advances in Computer Games 2021 - Keynotes 2, Mark Lefler and Larry Kaufman [Komodochess.com] (47:23) • '[Published on] Feb 4, 2022'

The description starts,

The first ACG conference was held in 1975 (then called 'Advances in Computer Chess'). 47 years later, we are still going strong! Since the 1990s, the conference has been organized by the International Computer Games Association. ACG features cutting edge artificial intelligence technology as applied to computer games. This year’s conference was held online 23-25 November. • Video intro by Jaap van den Herik.

For more info about the conference, see Advances in Computer Games 2021 (icga.org), including bios for all keynote speakers, links to accepted papers, and links to all 11 conference videos available on YouTube's AI4S channel. For more info about other papers, see ACG: Advances in Computer Games 2023 2022 2021 ... (wikicfp.com; 'A Wiki for Calls For Papers').

Those resources expand to more resources. And that gives me two reasons for a followup.

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