27 March 2022

It's Not Polytopia

We associate Elon Musk with many concepts -- Tesla Motors, SpaceX, the Boring Company -- but not with chess. When he wrote on Twitter...

Chess is a simple game. Understandable when all we had to play with were squirrels and rocks, but now we have computers.

...he achieved instant induction into the The Sociology of Chess (November 2016) Hall of Fame.

How Everyone Reacted On Elon Musk's Tweet On Chess Being Simple (2:05) • '[Published on] Mar 8, 2022'

From YouTube channel Funny Chess Times, the video description said,

Elon Musk tweeted that chess is a simple game and I am showing how the chess community reacted to it.

A big part of that reaction is from Chess24's Peter Svidler and Jan Gustafsson. I agree with GM Nakamura's reaction: 'I literally don't care.' Musk followed his provocative tweet saying,

Polytopia is *way* better imo, if you like strategy games.

What's Polytopia? According to Wikipedia's page The Battle of Polytopia,

[It's] a turn-based 4X strategy game developed by Swedish gaming company Midjiwan AB. Players play as one of sixteen tribes to develop an empire and defeat opponents in a low poly square-shaped world.

We'll come back in 1500 years to see if Polytopia has survived and how it has evolved.

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