21 March 2022

Stockfish Sparkles

In a logical world, this post would follow up the previous offweek post in the TCEC/CCC series, ICGA/AI4S ACG 2021 (March 2022; 'And that gives me two reasons for a followup'), but I liked this next video so much that I had to share it ASAP. It's from Youtube's Chess.com channel and all three games were played during Chess.com CCC events.

These Are Stockfish's Best Ever Chess Moves (23:51) • '[Published on] Mar 9, 2022'

The description said simply,

Join @Keti Tsatsalashvili as she presents the best moves EVER played by the strongest chess engine of all time, Stockfish!

One of the comments asked, 'Where can we find all the complete games in PGN?' I looked for a companion post on Chess.com, without success. I would have settled for a list of references to the original games. Someone should tell Stockfish that double Rook sacrifices are supposed to be uncommon.

NB: The title of the previous, linked post expands to {International Computer Games Association} / {AI4Society} {Advances in Computer Games}. Now you know why I used acronyms.

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