18 November 2022

'A Clock Without Hands'

A week ago, in Fischer Busted (November 2022), I promised, 'We're nearing the end of this blog's 'Fischer Friday' series'. I'll end the series with a post on 1975 Fischer forfeits to Karpov (m-w.com). The drawing below -- by artist Greg Spalenka -- is from the 29 July 1985 issue of Sports Illustrated (SI). See the post Fischer: 'I'm not seeing people' (June 2017; '1985-07-29: Bobby Fischer') for a link.

SI caption: 'Karpov's futile wait for Fischer is symbolized by the clock without hands.'


This post being the last of the 'Fischer Friday' series, let's have a summary of the posts since the previous summary, which was here:-

And now for the new summary...

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