08 September 2015

FIDE's Journalist Commission 2015

Continuing with Spectating the 86th FIDE Congress, after looking at FIDE's 'Chess in Schools' 2015, second on the list is

21. Journalists Commission proposals.

The last time we looked at this commission was in FIDE's 'Principles of Chess Journalism' (December 2014). What's new this time?

Annex 21 -- 'Proposals of Journalist Commission' (not signed, not dated) -- can best be summarized by the image shown on the left. If the proposals of the commission ever see the light of day, it could turn out to be the most important tool a chess journalist has, after the passport.

The proposals start with benefits of the card.

1. FIDE Accredited Journalists • The Commission proposes introduction of FIDE accreditation for journalists who would hold the license card. The Commission will provide benefits for the holders of the license card:
- FIDE Accredited Journalists are automatically accredited for free in all FIDE events. The organizers cannot reject accreditation of the holders of the license card of FIDE journalist.
- Access to the press center equipped with all necessary facilities for the work of journalists

That sounds good to me! Where do I sign up?

License cards can be issued to:
- Journalists, writers, editors, publishers or photographers with published articles or media materials in chess (in magazines, newspapers, internet)
- Journalists working with newspapers and/or chess websites, columnists, contributors and photographers associated with media
- Holders of the members card of any other international journalistic organization
- On condition that applicant accepts and will adhere to the principles of chess journalism and pays the membership fee

Three things should be mandatory for the applicant:
1) availability of publications,
2) accepting the principles of chess journalism and
3) paying the membership fee
The membership fee is 40 euro for two years

Oh well, I guess it doesn't apply to me after all. I don't mind paying the fee, but the rest is a stretch. What else is the commission proposing?

2. Web support for the organizers of FIDE events • In cooperation with the FIDE Events Commission, we will work together with the organizers of FIDE events to prepare proper internet presentation, in order to help the work of the journalists. We will propose the obligatory inclusion of following sections/categories:
- Regulations (which are very often missing and nearly impossible to find)
- About the host city/country

3. Proposals for inclusion in the bidding procedure: • Proposing to FIDE Presidential Board the following amendments in the regulations concerning the bidding procedure and regulations of each FIDE event listed below. Each bid shall contain the following particulars as minimum. Free accommodation and full board for accredited FIDE journalists during FIDE events as per:
- FIDE Grand Prix - 9 days
- FIDE Women Grand Prix - 6 days

4. Press Officer in FIDE events • FIDE Press Officer in coordination with the FIDE Journalists Commission is proposing to FIDE President the Press Officer for official FIDE events - World Events. FIDE Press Officer is coordinating and instructing the event's Press Officer in preparing the website's content and press releases.

I especially like the part about 'free accommodation and full board for accredited FIDE journalists during FIDE events'. If these proposals get past the FIDE Presidential Board and are accepted by applicants to a bidding procedure, chess journalism might actually become attractive.

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