13 September 2015

More Tweezer Chess

Unlike the previous edition of Top eBay Chess Items by Price, where I vaguely recalled that I had already featured Surreal Chess, for this current edition I was certain that I had featured the item pictured below. Titled 'House Of Faberge Chess Set Egg', it sold for somewhat less than US $1200, 'Best offer accepted'.

It turned out that I was half right. In Chess Sets, 'Never Been Used', I featured a 'Faberge Imperial Chess Set', which is not the same as the egg, even though the full set sold for about the same as the egg alone.

Left to right, top to bottom:-

  • Egg closed
  • Egg open, revealing set
  • Tweezers being removed from top of shell
  • Tweezers being used to play

The description said,

The Franklin Mint "Imperial Jeweled Egg" Chess Set. The top lifts off to reveal a chess board, and a drawer at the base opens to miniature chess pieces. All pieces are accounted for. The display case is also included in the purchase.

By comparison, the item in the first post on Tweezer Chess was a bargain.

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