22 September 2015

That's Not Bobby!

Today, for the first time since the 2015 World Cup started, I found the time to watch the event on the official site, which featured the fourth round tiebreak matches. Although I found the broadcast format somewhat clumsy, I enjoyed the games, especially the last game between the two remaining Chinese GMs.

The time spent there meant less time available for today's blog post, so I went back into the blog's archive and located a post that deserved a follow-up: LIFE Photos on Google (November 2008). The link to the LIFE material has changed, but the new link is easily determined. The bulk of the photos show Bobby Fischer in some now-famous settings, along with several like this one...

'Chess Champion Bobby Fischer - Hosted by Google'

...Hey, wait a minute! That's not Bobby! The photo's caption says,

Photographer: Carl Mydans
Date taken: 1962

The same caption is given against other, indisputable photos of Fischer. If that's not Bobby -- and it certainly isn't -- who is it?

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Tartajubow said...

It looks like Carl Maydens himself. See the link below photo #39 which is a photo of Maydens in 1966 that was taken by John Loengard, another Time/Life photographer.


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