20 September 2015

Judit Polgar's Chess Palace

After a sequence of relevant diversions, it's time to return to the series on Chess Curricula, last seen a month-and-a-half ago in Pre-chess ('Teaching Chess the Easy and Fun Way with Mini-Games'). Next on Chess Curriculum Inventory is 'No.5: Chess Training Guide for Teachers and Parents' by none other than Susan Polgar.

While looking for reviews of the famous GM's training method, I discovered that her even-more-famous sister, GM Judit Polgar, has her own material, developed together with the third member of the chess sister act, Sofia Polgar. Here's a Youtube video discussing the method.

Judit Polgar's CHESSPALACE Program for the Future Education (9:40) • 'The Judit Polgar Chess Foundation for Educational Benefits has developed a new, and so far unique method. Instead of teaching chess as a sport and game the traditional way, this method goes beyond normal chess lessons.'

The clip's description explains,

Starting in 2013, Judit Polgar's skill-building chess program is officially part of Hungary's National Curriculum. The program is not about training chess players. Although it is based on the basic rules of chess, the whole subject is integrated into the regular curriculum, and helps children make better progress in their main subjects, such as math and science, and even reading, writing and arts and crafts.

For more about the method, see Chess Palace Program on the Judit Polgar site.


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