06 September 2015

FIDE's 'Chess in Schools'(++) 2015

A few days ago, in Spectating the 86th FIDE Congress, one of the areas I chose for follow-up was

In connection with the 'Chess in School' series [...] are two related topics:-
13. Trainers’ Commission report.
17. Chess in Schools Commission report.

I last discussed these two FIDE commissions in The Trainers’ Tree (June 2015) and FIDE's 'Chess in Schools' 2014 (December 2014). In a short, preliminary post like this one, I can't do more than outline the reports and leave further investigation to anyone who is interested.

Annex 13 -- FIDE Trainers’ Commission (TRG); June 20th, 2015 -- lists four main topics:-

1. New TRG Titles
2. TRG Academies
3. FIDE/TRG Awards 2014
4. Problems between FIDE Commissions’ Regulations

No.2 consists of applications from prospective academies; no.3 I already covered in 'Trainers’ Tree'; and no.4 is about the presence of trainers during youth events.

Annex 17 -- Report of Commission Chairman Kevin O’Connell (Chess in Schools Commission) -- starts with 'Our mission' and 'The main areas of activity since the last Congress in Tromso'. Those main activities include 'New diplomas for FIDE School Chess Teacher (FSCT) and FIDE School Chess Leader (FSCL)', which was news to me. After that, the report launches into its primary focus, current projects.

The development of chess in schools is a two-way process, with the Commission learning from developments around the world and then sharing that information to facilitate the programmes in other countries.

1. Promotion – 110+ federations visited & Chess in Schools – Our Global Future
2. Global sponsorship of FIDE-CiS
3. Multilingual web sites
4. Class and Teacher books
5. Magazines
6. FIDE Student Membership
7. Teacher Training
8. Documents & Statistics

No.5 is another project I hadn't noticed before. More is available on the commission's website: FIDE Student Magazine, with sample magazines in seven languages. I would like to look at that another time, but first I have to wrap up the mini-series last seen in Chess Curriculum - Pre-chess.

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