17 September 2015

Chess Is Awesome

Maybe that should be 'Chess Is Awesome!', although some people might say, 'Chess Is Awesome?'. But don't take my word for it. That's Yahoo talking, as in...

11 sites that will teach you awesome skills • Learn practical new skills from these online hubs with free lessons from experts and contributors. -> Chess to coding.

The link went to 11 Web Sites That’ll Teach You Awesome Skills For Free, which starts,

Here are 10 sites that will get you up to speed on everything from chess to Spanish to sketching to HTML coding.

So is that 11 sites or 10 sites? I counted 11, of which no.7 was

Chesscademy.com: Become a chess master by watching videos, solving puzzles, and playing games, all free of cost.

That link went to Chesscademy - Learn How To Play Chess Online, which starts with a quick game against a computer to judge your level of skill. Note that it's Chesscademy.com, not Chessacademy.com, which used to exist, but now returns only an error message, 'The connection has timed out'. Archive.org indicates that it disappeared around ten years ago.

Yahoo might really believe that chess is awesome. A few months ago I highlighted The Phoenix of Chess, and I'm sure we haven't seen the last Yahoo post on this blog.

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