07 September 2015

Other Shareaholic Services

Before moving on from EU cookie regulations (see Fighting Cookies with Cookies) I looked at other functionality offered by the Shareaholic platform. The function that piqued my interest the most involved Floated Share Buttons, and it was surprisingly easy to add them to my Mark Weeks Homepage. The results are also shown below. They're not bad, but I see no compelling reason to add them to other pages on my site.

What else does Shareaholic offer? I found two services that might apply to my site. The first service was:-

Shareable Images • Based on our Social Media Traffic Report, Pinterest drives more traffic to sites than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit combined! The Shareable Images feature allows site owners to automatically add Pinterest share buttons to their images.

That's all very nice, but I doubt that visitors to my site will find much reason to share images that feature chess positions. The second service was:-

Affiliate Links • Generate revenue by automatically appending merchant codes to product links on your pages with no change to the reader's experience.

My experience with affiliate programs is that they are more trouble than they are worth, plus the explanation was not clear about what the service really offers. I might try it out of curiosity, but that can wait for another day.

For my next Monday post, I'll return to the theme of chess engines, last seen in Early Computer Chess Ratings. The recent video I featured, How Stockfish Works, promises much new material.

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