27 September 2015

Man Ray Chess Set

Here on Top eBay Chess Items by Price, the last time we saw a live auction was for Affluent Gentlemen Playing Chess. One of these days I'll learn how they work in practice.

The current auction, for the item pictured below, was titled 'Man Ray chess set, Lot 222; Part of a live auction event'. With a starting price of US $10.000, the set sold for US $18.000 after receiving six bids. The bid history indicates that the auction lasted for about a minute, although I'm not sure how the times for live bids are recorded.

The description said,

LOT 222 • Seller's Estimate: USD 20,000 - 30,000 • Man Ray chess set; USA, 1962; enamel, metal inlay, wood, polished brass; 19.75 h x 39.5 w inches. • Inlaid signature and date to board 'Man Ray 1962'. Incised signature and number to king 'Man Ray 17/50'. Literature: Man Ray: Paris - LA, Tashjian, ppg. 73-75 Provenance: Private collection, Los Angeles

I don't usually link to the original auction, because the pages don't survive for long, but I'll make an exception here for the full auction: Live Auctions - Art & Design; offered by Wright; Chicago, Illinois; Sep 24. While researching the item, I discovered that there were several styles for 'Man Ray chess set'. Exactly how many would make a starting point for another post.

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