17 September 2018

Carlsen's Chess.com Events 2017-18

Continuing with Carlsen's Events 2017-18, in that post:-

[I discovered] 556 games by the reigning World Champion. [...] The corresponding TWIC search for the 2015-16 update located *only* 282 Carlsen games. Why the large increase? It appears that many of the games played in 2017-18 were for Chess.com online events. The world's leading website for chess started organizing events at the highest level in 2016.

The following chart lists Chess.com events where Carlsen participated.

The year/month shown in the first column is when the event started, because a multi-stage online event can take many months to reach its final stage. Although the table lists 13 events, one was not an online event (IoM Masters) and the other 12 reduce to four separate competitions:-

  • 2016.10 chess.com Blitz Final
  • 2017.02 PRO League (2017)
  • 2017.10 chess.com Speed matches
  • 2018.01 PRO League (2018)

Those four events include 209 games.

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