18 September 2018

Karpov Talks Carlsen - Caruana

With only 50 days remaining before the start of the 2018 Carlsen - Caruana World Championship match, I'd like to start running a weekly post about the match. This video appeared on my short list for the most recent monthly post about new chess clips on Youtube -- Things That Chess Players Don't Say -- but I passed on it because of its many technical flaws. Having said that, when a former World Champion and one of the greatest players of all time talks about chess, I'm willing to give it a second try.

Live Stream: Anatoly Karpov on Magnus Carlsen vs Fabiano Caruana (51:49) • 'Streamed live on Aug 18, 2018'

The description said,

Big news: Anatoly Karpov is in the iChess studio, recording his very own Master Method course! Be sure to subscribe to our channel and follow us on social media to get the latest news and updates as the course gets developed and brought to release very soon.

Karpov is joined by his long-time friend Grandmaster Ron Henley. Aside from being a strong player in his own right, Ron acted as second, analyst and trainer for Karpov in many of his matches in the 1990s. Ron also trained 7-time US Women’s Champion, GM Irina Krush.

Karpov, like most of us, is looking forward to the World Chess Championship match later this year between current champ Magnus Carlsen, and the challenger, Fabiano Caruana. In this stream, Karpov will be looking at games from both players and seeing how their play styles contrast from each other, giving us an interesting preview of what we can look forward to in November.

For the two games presented by GM Karpov, both won by Black, see:-

on Chessgames.com.

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