07 September 2018

Image Directory Thumbnails

While I was working on the series about image recognition, last seen in Chess Piece Recognition (July 2018), I decided it would be a good idea to have a tool that could display the contents of an online image directory using thumbnails instead of file names. Using the search term 'directory index thumbnails', I eventually located gfwilliams/ThinGallery (github.com; 'A single-file web gallery. Uses EXIF thumbnails to quickly display thumbnails for a directory with no server-side code').

I followed the instructions and uploaded a copy of a GALLERY file to the directory I use for this blog. The results are shown below.


The result isn't perfect. The thumbnails take a few minutes to load and the result is only for JPG images (NB: also PNG), but it's still better than nothing.

To understand the correlation between my convention for image names and the corresponding post, note that the image in the upper left is from Tablebase 1 - Botvinnik 0 (September 2007). I hope I don't get a flood of complaints for possible copyright violation.

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