05 April 2019

Chess Player’s Chronicle : Frequency

In last week's post, Chess Player’s Chronicle (CPC), I found an apparent discrepancy between Di Felice's book 'Chess Periodicals' and the copies of CPC on Google Books:-

Di Felice's description says, 'Monthly', but this seems not to describe the real frequency. The first three volumes (S01V01-V03) are composed of a series of 16-page publications, numbering around 26 per volume.

After finishing that post I continued to check the frequency of publication for subsequent volumes. The following chart shows what I found.

The left column, the year of the volume, is followed by the series/volume, the number of issues in the volume, and the number of pages per issue. That last value, number of pages, can vary for individual issues in a volume, but holds for most of them.

Di Felice's description of the frequency, 'Monthly', is true for most volumes. It differs for the three volumes that I checked in the previous post; for S01V08 (1847), where the issues appeared weekly; for S02V04 (1856), the last volume of the second series; and for S03V04 (1862), the last volume of the third series.

For the first three and the last of those irregular volumes -- S01V01, S01V02, S01V03, & S03V04 -- I haven't been able to pin the issues to specific time periods, because their content offers too few dates. If I discover anything, I'll add a note to this post.

I appreciate that most people reading this post are not interested in any of the above. The information might, however, help others who are interested in exploring the early issues of the CPC.

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