30 April 2019

April Yahoos -- Much Ado About Nothing?

After last month's March Yahoos -- A Viral Story, I'm once again reduced to pecking at crumbs just like in previous months. The only chess reference I spotted while browsing mainstream news headlines is shown in the following screen capture.


What does '5 Top Dividend Kings to Buy and Hold Forever' have to do with chess? The photo's mouseover explained, 'A king chess piece on a piece of paper displaying a chart line and data points.' On the other hand, why not a chess King? Chess can sell stock market advice as well as it can sell anything. Is there a better way to illustrate the idea of a King than with a chess King? Last month I also had a Stock Post about stock photos. Stock post, stock photo, stock market -- stock advice?

I should end the post here, but there was one mainstream chess story in April that deserves a mention:-

Add this to the Yahoo subcategory 'Weird Chess News', last seen in February Amazon Yahoos. Then again, for many people any story about chess is weird.

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