23 April 2019

Fischer Center, Selfoss, Iceland

The Flickr short list that resulted in a recent post, Getting Lost, had a strong second candidate. I couldn't decide which photo to use, so I created a composite image, shown below.

Upper left corner: Bobby Fischer center in Selfoss © Flickr user John Seb Barber under Creative Commons.

To see all of the photos, follow the link in the caption, then use left/right navigation. I've already mentioned the Fischer center in a post on my chess960 blog, More on the Fischer Random Cup (March 2018):-

Fischer Memorial Tour I, 'a trip to the Fischer Center in Selfoss and Fischer’s Grave nearby', included a map of Selfoss

The post included a copy of the map and a link to the center's web presence. And, yes, the 11th World Champion is buried at Selfoss. I once featured another Flickr photo in Fischer's Final Resting Place (April 2015).

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