01 April 2019

TCEC S15 Div2 Finishes; CCC7 Nears Final

A week has passed since my last report on the two engine competitions that keep going and going 24/7. I'll summarize last week's report, TCEC S15 Div3 Finishes; CCC7 Starts, with a couple of sentences on each competition:-

TCEC: This week's situation is an echo of last week's: S15 division 2 is currently underway. The AI/NN engine AllieStein was one of two qualifying from division 3. • CCC6/7: Chess.com issued a report on CCC6, which also outlined the plan for CCC7. The event has four AI/NN engines, four places in the CCC7 final stage.

What's happened since then?

TCEC: For the third straight week, I can issue a nearly identical report; only the division numbers have changed: S15 division 1 is currently underway; the AI/NN engine AllieStein was one of two qualifying from division 2. It is also one of the leaders in division 1, although the top engines are bunched closely together.

The TCEC archive includes an S15 event called 'Side Bonus DivP dev vs Div4 dev', which finished sometime last week. I couldn't find any writeup about the event explaining its name, which probably means that development versions of top-ranked engines played low-ranked engines. The crosstable indicates that the event was largely unstructured.

CCC: CCC7 is an escalation event where the strongest engines start playing after the lower-seeded engines have all played each other. This makes it difficult to predict the eventual winner(s). Komodo has just entered the tournament, the first of the four top seeds to do so. Leelenstein was leading at the time, followed by Antifish. Both are AI/NN engines. The top four engines -- Houdini, Komodo, and Stockfish plus AI/NN engine Leela (LC0) -- will have to pass this barrier to qualify into the four-engine final. It's possible we'll see two AI/NN engines in the final.

[For further information from the various stakeholders in the engine-to-engine events, see the tab 'TCEC/CCC Links' at the top of this page.]

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