28 May 2019

Google Obsessed

This post should have been a follow-up to Chess Obsessed and Chess Obsessed II, but instead I got side-tracked by Google nagging me for the umpteenth time. This time it was a problem with Adsense. That's the Google service that puts ads on my pages, like this blog or my website. The latest message said,

Earnings at risk - One or more of your sites does not have an ads.txt file. Fix this now to avoid severe impact to your revenue.

Speaking honestly, there isn't much revenue to impact severely. The ads basically pay the cost of the domain ISP and serve as a check that things are running normally. No ad impressions means there's a problem somewhere and I check the numbers once a week.

The procedure to create the file is explained on the page Declare authorized sellers with ads.txt (support.google.com). I followed the instructions, so now it's up to Google to tell me if I followed them correctly.


After that detour, I still had some time to prepare Chess Obsessed III. The last photo I picked for the mini-series is shown below.

The eBay description said,

1954 Original Photo THREE DIMENSIONAL CHESS Mankato Teachers College Game; size is 8" x 10"

That's certainly a straightforward (and unusual) implementation of 3D chess. If pieces are allowed to move up and down from board to board, I can't imagine what the rules would be. The setup could also be used by two players for an eight board simul against each other. For another post on the same subject, see How About a Game of 3D-Chess? (November 2017).

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