31 May 2019

After 'Le Palamede'

After collecting mid-19th century chess periodicals for four countries, I had one significant gap to address. In Le Palamede (March 2019), I documented that French publication with:-

From Di Felice, 'Chess Periodicals, 1836-2008' [NB: The first number ('1778') is Di Felice's internal reference.]:-

1778. Palamède (Le) : Revue Mensuelle des Échecs et Autres Jeux (1836–1847)

The first French periodical doesn't even bring us to the 1851 London Tournament. What publications appeared afterwards?

1946. Régence (La) : Journal des Échecs, Rédigé par Une Société d’Amateurs (1849–1851) Vol.1, no.1 (Jan 1849)–Vol.3, no.12 (Dec 1851). Monthly. Editor Kieseritsky. Publisher Café de la Régence. Paris. France. Illus., 20 cm. Magazine. General. French.

After 1849–1851, there was a gap of several years.

1947. Régence (La) : Revue des Échecs et Autres Jeux (1856–1857) Vol.1, no.1 (Jan 15, 1856)–Vol.2, no.1 (Jan 15, 1857). Frequency unknown. Editor Arnous de Rivière. Publisher Café de la Régence. Paris. France. Diagrs., 28 cm. Magazine. General. French.

The cover pages of the two different series are shown in the following composite image. The 1856 cover is probably off-center because of a scanning problem.

Left: 1849; Right: 1856

After 1856–1857, there was another gap.

1699. Nouvelle Régence (La) : Revue Spéciale des Échecs (1860–1864) Vol.1 (1860)–Vol.5, no.4 (Apr 1864). Monthly. Editor Paul Journoud. Publisher Café de la Régence. Paris. France. Diagrs., 23 cm. Magazine. General. French. Note Vol.1 has title Régence (La): Revue Spéciale des Échecs. Replaced by Palamède Français (Le).

Paul Journoud (wikipedia.org) was to edit other publications. Wikipedia says, 'He was an editor of several chess periodicals: La Régence (1860), La Nouvelle Régence (1861–1864), Le Palamède Français (1864), and Le Sphinx (1865–1867).'

1779. Palamède Français (Le) : Revue des Échecs et des Autres Jeux de Combinaison (1864–1865) Vol.1, no.1 (Sept 1864)–Vol.2, no.15 (Nov 1865). Monthly. Editors Paul Journoud, Ladislav Maczuski. Publisher C. Lahure. Paris. France. 24 cm. Magazine. General. French. Note Replaces Nouvelle Régence (La).

Le Palamède Français started some months after its predecessor, La Nouvelle Régence, and overlapped its successor, Le Sphinx.

2528. Sphinx (Le) : Journal des Échecs (1865–1867) Vol.1, no.1 (Apr 15, 1865)–Vol.2, no.18 (Dec 15, 1867). Fortnightly, later 10 issues per year. Editor Paul Journoud. Publisher Imp. Vallée. Paris. France. Illus., cm. 22 x 13. Magazine. General. French. Note Replaced by Philidorien (Le).

The next periodical in the chain, Le Philidorien, lasted only a few months.

1828. Philidorien (Le) : Petite Encyclopédie des Échecs (1868) No.1 (Apr 1868)–no.6 (Sept 1868). Monthly. Editor C. Sanson. Publisher P. Lebrige-Duquesne. Paris. France. Magazine. General. French. Note Replaces Sphinx (Le): Journal des Échecs.

I managed to find all of the above on Google Books. I don't know whether the copies are complete or internally consistent, but I'll find out when I use them for further reference.

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